What Is Leadership?



Leadership is quite a popular term. This may be because it comes applied in many areas or fields, be it in sports, school, church, politics and business. For sure, you have known too many leaders in your life. Perhaps, you are a leader yourself or have become one before. But who is a leader? What makes a leader? What does the word leadership means? All of these questions have seemed to bother the thoughts of many. In the lower parts of this short article, you will get to know some of the definitions of leadership as well as their meanings as provided by a few great people in the older and modern times.


  1. Leadership is having a goal, imparting that goal with others, and inspiring them to contribute to the attainment of said goal as they create their own. There is no leader who is not bounded and motivated by a vision. Someone who leads is minded of something that he wants to achieve with the support and help of the people who are considered to be under his leadership. Leaders work to achieve an aim. Thee are many Leadership Development that you can read about.


  1. Leadership is guiding others towards a direction that makes them feel accomplished or worthwhile. A leader is someone who is able to help the people under him feel like they have achieved what they want to achieve. This is not matter of winning or losing. This is a matter of determining the right actions that would make one feel satisfied and worthwhile. Someone who is assigned to be a leader must be motivated towards allowing everyone under his camp to come to the realization of their goals in a manner that would make them content and fulfilled for what they have done.


  1. Leadership is the art as well as the responsibility of serving others to the end that they are able to discover their full potential and be able to create their own goals and achieve the same. Leaders must then provide proper motivation, skill training as well as emotional and spiritual encouragement to their members so that they become individuals who are fully equipped to determine what their goals in life will be and how they would achieve them. In every group, serving must be present and this is the essence of leaderships. Leaders are not being served. They are the ones who display the real example of service and attain the purpose of the group through it. Read more about the different types of leadership.


What Is Leadership?

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